UrbanFarmers BOX

The UrbanFarmers BOX is the “Schrebergarten 2.0”, a 21st Century incarnation of the “Schrebergarten”, or garden allotment. Inspired by the container-based concepts of a French Designer, we have developed the UrbanFarmers BOX as a DO-IT-YOURSELF system for growing fresh fish and vegetables in the city.

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Rostlaube – Containerfarm Berlin is the model that will be presented at the Malzwiese Festival. It is constructed the same way as the UrbanFarmers BOX.


More about the Rostlaube here

Technical Background

External Dimensions
Length 6058 mm
Width 2438 mm
Height 2591 mm
Artwork Dimension Max Hight 220
Ground Color White
Artwork Color CMYK 30/10/100/60
Application Stencil Foil Neg/Pos
Painting Green (1 color)
Sides Left, Right, Back
(1 Artwork For Left and Right)

Impression 9

new location at the HUB


UrbanFarmers BOX now situated at the Zurich International School in Wädenswil


Flyer (Deutsch)

to visit the BOX please make an arrangement with us ahead of time! Email: visit UrbanFarmers